What we do

1. Administrative support from A to Z

Administrative support from A to Z

EW Promotion makes sure that you don't need to worry about all administrative work regarding the sportive part of your event. This means attending meetings, writing the program together with the show director, sending out mailings or invitations to officials and riders, gathering the entries , organizing hotels and shuttles, …


Sport Office

EW PROMOTION takes care of the complete sport office at your equestrian event. This means we draw up the master lists, we make the stable plan, accreditations, the starting orders and results,  the accounts for every participants, etc…

EW Promotion is in your event the link between riders, officials, federations, the FEI and the organization.

2. Riders Assistance

Riders Assistance

EW Promotion offers from now on also an additional service for riders. EW Promotion take cares of all administrative matters concerning the national and international competitions of riders.  This way, he or she only needs to concentrate on the sport and you save the payment of a full time secretary.  A meeting once or twice every month is enough to plan everything. This service implies that we keep track of your sportive calendar, apply for the competitions as requested, send a thank-you letter to the show organizers, forward the results to your sponsors and owners, etc…

Together with you we make a tailor-made program according to your needs.


Basic package offered by EW Promotion Service


*  Go through the program -  1 or 2 times every month


*  Going through the schedules 

*  Applying for shows directly with organizers and the federations 

*  Sending Entries to the Federation and/or the organizers

*  All communication to the organizers for changes or cancellations

Communication to OC of the show:

* Making hotel- & shuttle reservations

* Sending thank-you letters to the organizers

Results treatment:

* Keeping track of the results

* Forwarding the results to sponsors and owners

* Checking ranking points


This basic package can be extended by certain additional requirements.