Jul 27, 2013

Ashford Farm Challenge 2013

After a very successfull first edition Ashford Farm rewards again the best 6 and 7 year old horse of all CSI's in Bonheiden.  3 shows have taken place already, only one more to go end of September.

A. Ashford Farm Young Horse Challenge: Leading 6 & 7 year old horse over all CSI2 and the CSI3 of Bonheiden will each receive 2000,-€ sponsored by Ashford Farm. The 4 international shows of Bonheiden are :

  1. CSI2 23-26 May
  2. CSI3 26-30 June
  3. CSI2 25-28 July
  4. CSI2 26-29 September


B. PRIZE - CLASSIFICATION “Ashford Farm Young Horse Challenge"  

  • All young horses competitions of all 4 shows will count.  In total this is 24 classes, 12 6 year old classes and 12 7 year old classes. 
  • In each competition the young horses will receive points:
-       In competition I and II all clear rounds will receive 5 points
-       In competition III and IV 10 horses will receive points :
the winner will receive 10 points, 2nd 9 points, 3rd 8 points,...
-       In competition V & VI 15 horses will receive points:
the winner will receive 15 points, 2nd 14 points, 3rd 13 points,…
  • At the last CSI2 Bonheiden (26-29 September) the final class will distribute double points :
-       In competition V & VI at the last show 15 horses will receive points :
The winner will receive 30 points, 2nd 28 points, 3rd 26 points,…
In case of a tie on the 1st place after all 4 shows, the result of the final class will be decisive.
Here you can find the standings after the 2nd phase in Bonheiden last weekend !